January 28, 2010


Gary Taxali

January 28, 2010

Gary Taxali is an artist/illustrator living in Canada.  I really like his use of many different printing methods and used/weathered look to his work. Taxali is a Founding Member of The Illustrators’ Partnership of America and sits on the Advisory Board of 3×3: The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration. I think this is whos work i would like to emulate on this next project.

Gary Taxali’s website


January 26, 2010

I’m working one a little someone to go on the bike.

Now time to wip out the water colors.

Organ Donor

January 22, 2010

Travis Millard

January 22, 2010

Travis is an artist I have been looking at for a while. He is bases out of CA where i recently saw him at the Fecal Face DOT Gallery. I really like his approch to water colors and detailed drawings.

Travis Millard’s site: FudgeFactoryComics

notes everywhere!

January 22, 2010

to be continued…

spewing notes all over the place!


January 20, 2010