February 4, 2010

I made 5 prints of this. This is print number 5. i will scan image soon.


4 Responses to “self.”

  1. GUY Says:

    I like how a part of the real you is peeking around the edge of the illustrated you in the photo.

  2. michaelkorfhage Says:

    I really liked seeing all of the variations in class. The ghost print definitely has a lot of character especially in the textures you can see in it.

  3. tfosterillo3 Says:

    Patrick, scan your favorite of the series of five, upload a good scan to your post. Also, post an artist review for this past week. Go ahead and get a jump and do two artist review. One for last week and one for this week. I liked your prints for the self portrait series.

  4. i have yet to post a scanned version because my thumb drive is not working.

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